Kingdom of Isles

Palomar Exhorts Din'Dae

Upon Palomar and Enoreth’s reunion with their allies, Palomar viewed the curse that weighed heavily upon Din’dae and regretted even more the escape of the villain Celia. Nevertheless, he spoke to his elven companion of hope, faith, and the will of the gods borne out through mortal hands.

Though I am but a mortal man, know that my words are inspired. This does not speak to any greatness on my part, but that the gods, having chosen to remain in the heavens, consider it no mere thing what fate befalls us, their children. They care enough about us to speak to us, to guide us, and to make miraculous intercessions through mortal hands such as mine.

By this evidence we know them. But what of when evil befalls us, sorrow reigns supreme, and all seems lost? Have the gods abandoned us or become powerless? No. We as mortals have freewill to choose faith or despair, good or evil, order or chaos and events bear those choices out. But when the will of the Sovereign Host is inscrutable remember that faith is the proof of things unseen, that we can know that all things work together for good to them that place their faith in them.


Din’dae, though we come from different cultures, do not think our faith is not the same, for Gremmen is one of the Host and we revere him as well. It is written that when Gremmen fought the beasts of The Void in the Forge of Creation he too was disfigured and then even appeared to fall. And when his enemies thought him done he arose empowered and crushed them. Gremmen works towards balance through change, ensuring that after every winter comes the spring. It may now seem winter to you, but have faith that spring shall come, my friend… Spring shall come!



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