Kingdom of Isles

Palomar Entreats the Party


After their initial foray into the Sea Otter, Brother Palomar entreats Din’dae, Magus Enoreth, and Khaine as they make their way back to the beach:

Please forgive me my friends.

While we have become quite experienced with harrowing ordeals, making quick decisions, and depending upon each other for aid, I failed to consider the impact such a disaster as this shipwreck would have on a group of strangers. In my concern for their safety as well as our own, I allowed my pride to get the best of me. When they responded to my instructions with what I can only imagine was fear, worry, confusion and doubt, it evoked anger within me. You see, I used to be a prideful and demanding man and the Sovereign Host is not done doing a good work in me – I must still continue to choose that which is right and holy over my natural inclinations. Fortunately, my subsequent remorse and humility have in turn tapped a well-spring of compassion within my heart and I would still see to the well-being of our fellow castaways – and for this I need the help of you all.

Upon our return let us all express concern and support for our fellow castaways – inquiring regarding their health, caring for their needs, asking about their worries, seeking to understand their motivations, and treating them with kindness – as we go about the business of preparing camp and making further plans. Additionally, reassure them of whatever confidence you may have in me regarding my capacity as spokesman for our group. Then perhaps after such a time as we have done these things and consulted with each other, I should be able to secure their trust and cooperation in whatever endeavors we deem necessary.



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