Kingdom of Isles

New Friends

Palomar is a god!

So… me long journey finally brought me feet and beard to a place where I could begin my true exploration of this world, and my quest to restore order to this chaos ridden world.
Me mediations directed me to an army outpost where they be conducting war games not far from Rand’s Grotto, and there I managed to attach myself to a party o’ surley sorts who were settin’ out to chase down some loathsome Goblins.
We found the Goblin alright and I plunked a good number o’ arrows in their no good, hides. The god were wid us fer certain! One o’ the god’s own was right there wid us, shouting out mighty calls o’ encouragement! His name were Palomar, an at first I thought he were a real pest, talking in me ears while I was takin’ aim. But then he starts encouragin, and healin, and shining god light all over the place! A humble sort he is too, not takin’ credit for his powers – a true sign of a good god, that is.
So wid the god’s help we womped them goblin sorts and there bosses, then we rescued some commoners they had forced into labor – excavating to old tunnels. Trying to find somthin’ if you ask me. Diggin to a hidden chamber I’d say.
A right good bunch of new friends I got now! That Kayne can really swing that big sword around, and Din’Dae hops around wid his new fairy blade like a jumpin’ flea. Enorth is a quiet sort, but good at sprayin’ the floor wid grease – a clever one he is. The really odd one is that Ru’She’Na gal, wid her little fox – gives me the shivers she do, but I can tell she’s a good sort – just don’t know what she’s about yet.
I do believe I’m goin to like these folks! Now I really need to buy meself a better bow, where’s the armory?


Host help us! – Palomar

New Friends

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