Kingdom of Isles

Mail Call

The party is relaxing in a small vine covered courtyard within the Cock N Bulls Tavern enjoying some unseasonal sun and warmth of a late Fall afternoon. Truth be told some party members have been getting bored with so much time on hand and some members have been drifting away on their own business.
From inside ‘The Bulls’ the muffled voice of the serving maid can just be heard directing some one out to the private courtyard.

A young Human lad of fifteen or so years enters through the open double doors that leads to the common room of the Cock N Bulls Tavern. Wearing the simple quilted leather armor of the Kings Golden Lions but the colors of Crown Prince Veritar you guess him to be a cadet earning his stripes in the officer corps.

Excuse me Sires, Would any of you be Second Spear Khaine, Second Spear Din’dae, Magus Enoreth, Brother Palomar or Dur’star Stonearrow?

With all the party members present and assents given, the messenger began to hand out small parcels and letters explaining that the camp is slowly breaking down as troops and civilians ship out for ports of origin now that the “war games” are finished. Further he explains that those assembled should be shipping out in the next few days. However a ship that arrived a few days ago had mail and packages from home for the party members.

Having finished his deliveries the messenger gives a polite bow and departs in a hurry for more deliveries.



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