Kingdom of Isles

Letter to Argonnian


Dear Master Argonnian, Temple of the Sovereign Host, Akadimar:
Sent in faith, your student Palomar, Rann’s Grotto (308.9 AM).

I give thanks daily for your entrusting me with a shard of godstone. The Host has seen to it that your purpose in equipping me for good works of faith has not been in vain (as you have heard of our actions at the Battle of Rann’s Grotto and in the Ruins of Castle Slate). I have attached with this letter a copy of my journal entry regarding the divine vision revealed to me when I touched the godstone.

We set sail for Akadimar soon and I send this letter ahead of my arrival. Know that based upon what I have come across since departing Akadimar I purpose myself to the following:

  1. The pursuit of a diplomatic resolution to the rising goblin threat – possibly uniting them with the Kingdom of Isles like the orcs.
  2. Ferreting out the identity of the Unknown One and the forces that support it – and crushing them.
  3. Solving the mystery of the Magiclysm and preventing a recurrence.

I look forward to consulting with you on these topics when I arrive shortly.



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