Kingdom of Isles

GM Journal - Troubles at Home p1.5

The Dark Traveler

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It is after curfew, as a hooded figure scrambles from ally to ally trying not to be seen by the city watch and the diligent Grey Wolves, several times considering if leaving their companions sleep at the inn was wise. The note had said to come with all haste and alone, so the traveler knew this meet had to be kept secret regardless how trusted the companions were. At least for now.

dark-side-street.jpgUnfortunately not as versed in the arts of stealth the mystic used magics to aid them, as well as relying on HER guidance to get safely to the meet. Though there were a few close calls, the cloaked figure arrived at their destination. A local herbalist shop on the border of Low Town and the harbor district. The shop was closed at this hour but the contact, the shops proprietor Jasper, lived in the flat above. The building had a small backyard with a 8’ stone wall surrounding it. A rare amount of space in this part of town. This was ideal for Jasper as the herbalist grew much of what he needed for his shop her. Cloaked figure seeming familiar with the layout entered through the back gate and moved through the garden. A dim candle light could be seen flickering inside the flat above but all else was eerily dark and quiet. Almost muffled in a way. Something was not right.

Arriving at the back door the Mystic was further concerned to find it slightly ajar. With a reassuring pat on their component poach they entered cautiously into the shop. Immediately low sobbing could be heard, as if from a little girl, from the upstairs flat. Thoughts of the shop owners niece Gayle came to mind and the mystic called out to announce themselves. The young girl above called in return that her uncle was not moving and looked wrong. Throwing caution to the wind the cloaked traveler moved up the stairs to fined a deathly sight. Jasper, who had called this meet, lay on the ground like many others who practiced the Arts. Body still and desiccated he lay dead on the floor with a black rose, still moist with dew as if freshly cut, lying on his chest. Gayle was only 8 years old and was sobbing over Jasper’s body in shook, nudging the deceased trying to rouse him.

Truly alarmed the Mystic calls to Galye and tells her they need to leave NOW, but before the child could answer a woman’s voice is heard from the balcony.

“Leaving is not an option as the trap is sprung and you are in it little mouse!”.
barghest.jpgWith that two Barghast entered the flat from the balcony door, and a woman in a hood and veil floats down from the sky behind them. It also feels as if the shadows solidified into some mystic barrier. Dampening sound and possibly escape.

The Mystic instantly raised a defensive wall of ice cutting them off, and attempted to teleport away with the child but was being blocked by some unseen force. The barghast, being planar creatures, were able to teleport past the wall as well as their mistress. Cornered the Mystic dug deep preparing for what truly would be the fight for their life.

First Meeting of the Travelers

author unknown

  • Spells of flame, and hexes flew, charming effects and sleeping too, thus Black Rose and Mystic battle ensued, the life of two souls depending.
  • Well conceived was this dangerous trap, and so hard pressed the Mystic was strapped, but fortune smiled as it hap, for this Mystic began to Travel.
  • A monster stopped and Black Rose fell, through Travelers moves did Mystic prevail, but Travel too did the Shadowed Veil. Alarming was this encounter
  • Minions defeated the shade appeared surprised by Mystics knack, yet the Mystic could not withstand the full might of this Dark Travelers attack.
  • So from victors hand was survival snatched, by shadowed form that grabbed and grasp. To the scraps of life Almaran did clasp, but the darkness came regardless.
  • Though he felt life fading and pain was real, as life ended a clue revealed. For it was not his soul this shade did steal, but an agent of the Louts.
  • Alamaran wakes with a start, sweat on his brow, fast beating heart, drained and clear he used his art, he knows he was in battle.
  • Yet as he recovers still in his room, with these images in his head and a feeling of doom, the effects still with him, mind and body swoon. He calls out and confides in his comrades
  • Though tragic was this violent scheme, and the pain for Almaran was mostly dream, important to learn, it would seem, of this mysterious Dark Traveler.
  • This sight of chance, though sorrow wrought, was to reveal a dire enemy of Tauth. The cost was high, but hope not for naught, as HER chosen is now aware.



Love it!!! You <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, son of a <redacted>! And that goes twice for the cutscene you <redacted>ing, <redacted>!!

GM Journal - Troubles at Home p1.5

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