Kingdom of Isles

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 3

Jemmrand sorrowtongue

Beyond the mines was endless green
Within the trees: orcs foul and mean
The mage sent forth his fiery mien
The rest moped up by arrows

The woodland tribes had worried vibes
Black branches hung with un-alive
A brilliant flash scorched undead eyes
And won the tree of gallows

A river crossed a creature’s lair
They fought what seemed a dire bear
Behind its eyes: a demon’s glare
The fighter faced its glower

The beast roared up, teeth en-gnashed
The river full of bodies slashed
Before it’s full demonic splash
Black Fang cut short its power

On to the Fort, well-attended
Camps and walls both well-defended
Lo! The well was not well-tended
A note of poisoned warning

While most sought unseen murderers
The Halfling sought drunk murmurers
The best of raconteuriers
Lead all to drink till morning

There’s stories told of heroes bold,
of powers old as giants
before stones quake, before the break,
their fists would shake: defiance!
now all is cracked, the skies turned black
there’s no well-backed reliance
but far from home, when birds have flown
trust in the true Alliance.



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