Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 8 - Into the Great Green

Image   din dae with chainmail

Our trek through the dark woods between the Temple of Ebonpool and Fort Pliskin was full of dangerous and factions. First we encountered a company of tribal orcs, who true to legend attack us without provocation. Largely due to Enorath’s magics, we scattered their remains to the great winds for their bad judgement.

Towards the end of the same battle a score of forest elves, that had been tracking the tribal orcs, appeared sending arrows into the now fleeing orcs. A brief discussion and we were lead to their nomadic village and met with their chief. The conversation initially created some strain between Palomars and I. While speaking with the chief in elven, I got the impression my companion did not trust how I was handling the situation. However his approach with the chief directly bordered on disrespect and our audience was cut short.

I spoke to Palomar afterwards with support from Jemmrand and Khaine. My divine companion seemed to take my concerns to heart as well ask expressed his views. In the end I believe we have come to a better understanding of on another for it.

From there we made our way to Fort Pliskin, dealing with a foul undead and a demon possessed dire bear. The later nearly taking the life my my closest friend Khaine.


At the frontier keep we found more intrigue than we expected. Several factions had arrived ahead of us and seemed to be waiting for something. In addition, someone was poisoning the water and food. A warning from a fellow cast-away tip us to that fact and we were duty bound to help. As to the factions, we discovered that these were factions our fellow cast away had belonged to. It was also speculated that they were after the lost city, and perhaps even waiting for us.

With much discussion and not nearly enough fact for my liking, we decided to leave at first light without our military escort we met there in favor of speed and stealth. If there was to be a race, the thought was to get as much of a head start as possible. Taking precautions and preparing discreetly, by pre-dawn the following morning we ready for for our journey.

Collecting Jemmrand we set off into the Great Green just as a storm hit. Was that a bad omen? Or the gods help hide our trail? Only time would tell.



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