Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 6 - A Nightmare Lifted, A Curse Endured

Image   din dae with chainmail

We moved quickly to the coast with a sense of urgency and encountered a twisted Harpy that seemed set to delay us. Its screeching sound seemed to enchant my comrade in arms, but nothing shall stop my blades from spilling Celia’s blood. With effort of all, we drove this hag back and continued on our quick pace to the Doors in the now empty cove.

If it was not for the deadly prey we sought, and the feeling that every moment mattered, I would have marveled at the powerful magics used to move and hold the coves waters at bay. Time, time for wonders can happen after this witch is dead.

Under the sea floor just off the coast of the Hook we faced undead creatures, dangerous traps, and ancient magics from a culture long dead. Through many hazards we fought until we came face to face with the snake in human form. Celia.

Not feeling threatened by her, we advanced. She fled combat by smearing some blood on a statue and turned to mist. I was not going to be denied. Without thought or plan I performed the same action and gave a vaporous chase while my companions fought her pets. This quick action was perhaps the first of my mistakes. I was blinded by my desire for justice. My desire to end this threat. In the kobold warrens if you move to fast you could loose a limb or a life. It was there I learned to be patient in approach and mindful of step. Lessons I seemed of have abandoned on the cursed isle. heh… cursed..

Through a long drain I moved until I came to a large room. There Dask was standing over the slain body of Celia. I could not believe my eyes. I did not want to believe my eyes. I knew this was trickery, more of her magic. I played along and tried to inch closer. She saw I was not buying what she was attempting to peddle and attacked dropping her ruse. I was ready and Windslpitter cut her deeply, but her claws too were quick and sliced my skin. It was hear I should have realized I was out matched. Instead I fought on. My second mistake.

It was not long until the others began to arrive and join the battle. Celia summoned more amorphous minions of chaotic nature, a Seed of Molgus to fight for her. We took some hits but began to turn the tide. We were able to disrupt the magic that fueled the evil of the isle. Its nightmarish hold could be felt slowly fading away. It should have been no surprise that again the which smeared her blood on one of the grotesque statues and turning to mist, began to flee combat. I had been temporarily blinded and did not see her go otherwise I would have quickly followed.

Khaine and I fought against the final minion while Palomarand Enoreth turned to mist and gave pursuit of the which. When we defeated it and turned to leave Khaine noticed a hidden compartment on the base of one of the statues. He asked me to check it, I only wanted to go after our prey. In my haste I did not put my full focus to the task, not wanting to take the time to do the job right. As I did not “notice” any traps I opened the compartment. My third mistake.

As the ancient magics coursed through my body, the pain of it twisting and creully reshaping me was unbearable and I dropped to the floor. Khaine came to my aid but took a step back at what I had become. CURSED!



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