Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 23

Souls Time Matters


The pre-dawn morning was crisp and invigorating. Despite what we faced I felt strong today. Invincible under this ever brightening sky that was surely a herald of hope and reminder that even the darkest nights end. Even the song of the dawn sparrow seemed like a trumpet, inspiring us to new heights with each note.

It was thus that we started our day, gathered in secret in that span of morning twilight. A heroes breeze upon us as we readied to depart. I breathed it in deeply with a smile on my face and I knew I was ready to slay any foul creature of this world or any other. Yes… its was a good day. Even the others sense it, as I see them smile at each other and exchange knowing looks too. Yes… this day has been blessed and great things will happen. Great things!

Hmmm why are my companions laughing? I think I missed a joke. Wait… was I musing out load?

Ahem… my companions…um… joy brought me out of my revere and indicated they were ready to leave. As planned Almaran teleported us to an area we had traversed before that was near the temple vault. Already this saved us hours of travel and provided no trace of our departure. Once we arrived in that part of the city we began our hike towards where our mapped indicated the vault should be. As we walked my companions inquired about my nights rest and while I initially responded in the positive their frequent commentary started to sour my mood.

It was then I heard a voice and felt myself repeat its words as I pointed with Windsplitter in the direction of a large Monolith. Khaine seemed concerned but all followed me as I lead them to the base of this mountainous pillar. It was natural stone over 60’ high and more than 80’ across. Atop it stat a structure of seamless stone with no windows or doors. In front of where I was drawn to was a plaque. In turn Aranion and Fel’Emil explained this was the tome of Vacara. A place of reverence and a moment should be spared to honor her. I agreed with them and shared that with my companions. Together we offered a moment of silence for her.

After the moment was given, I felt pleased and prepared to continue our journey when Khaine called a stop. He again looked concerned and I was not sure why until he spoke. Although the Seven had only recently revealed themselves to me they have been a part of me for some time and feel as an extension of myself. I shared that with the group and in hearing my words could understand their concern. I had just admitted to voices in my head, a fact that should give any true friend pause.

With all that has happened in a very short time frame this fact had slipped my mind to share. I took a few more moments explained Windsplitter is an Ancestral Weapon, containing the life shards of bonded wielders who have died while still joined. The Seven, as I call them are mere echos of what they were and note true spirits. Their goal is to provide wisdom, mentorship and guidance to those that come after. Khaine still seemed a bit doubtful, Almaran seemed intrigued and Grune… impressed. The dwarfs are no strangers to communing and honoring their ancestors and he had heard of such things. I assured Khaine that they only wanted to help and that even Aranion has come around to me associating with non elves. He thought Khaine was not a useless human and learned to appreciate that his soul tempered that of the orc hero ages ago. It lead to the first true peace between THE People and the hordes. It was a big complement if you knew Aranion as I did.

Khaine started to reply, stopped and then seemed to ask something else. He was curious what that dream we were in had to do with the ancient orc hero. I explained it was not a dream, that our souls time walked and we were actually in those bodies. Also a part of our personalities remained so that our acceptance of other races helped temper that of the host we were in. Our step back actually created this branch of time we now inhabit…

“What the hell are you talking about!?” was Khaine’s reply. Frustration clear on his face.

I explained I had personally come to this truth when The Seven revealed themselves to me and it was confirmed by Grae’core’s words. Also it is why I have a bond with Aranion and items he owned. I was him for a time. I paused and before I could speak more Almaran and Grune, who both seemed to understand, took up the narrative and tried to explain to Khaine. Almaran I noted was now the one who seemed impressed and quite excited about the subject matter.

After about 30mins, several dirt drawn illustration and Almaran confusing us all with talks about Newtonian’s law of physics, my head began to swim with the concepts. I could see my good friend had also reached his limits. There was glimmer of understanding in him yet it was still shadowed with disbelief. I knew Khaine would need to process this on his own, and I knew he would need to hit something very soon.

Fortunately… conflict was literally around the corner.



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