Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 1 - The Keep on the Coast

The Keep on the Coast

Image   din dae with chainmail

To think the day started as any other, with drink and conversation at The Adept and Khaine lamenting once again about leaving the city to find adventure. Normally these musing fade like the setting sun as more spirits are consumed and… other… distractions found. Yet there was something in the air this day. Khaine’s words seemed to herald a change for as he spoke I watched the guardsmen walk into the tavern and post what would certainly change our lives forever … WAR!

WAR games rather. The crown was undergoing military exercises the likes we’ve never seen and after some debate we found ourselves joining the exercise with two new companions, the acolyte Brother Palomar and his mage friend Enoreth. By ship we traveled to the main land with a long boat depositing the 4 of us, 3 other volunteer’s and 3 cadets at a ruined outpost. Our mission was to establish a base camp with more orders to follow in the days to come.

As we approached the old dock, and through the rocking of my stomach in time with the waves, I noticed that the docks, old as they were, showed some signs of repair. Shoddy work it seemed but none the less it was clear others had been here. Assuming this was merely the work of the military in preparation for the exercise I advise my comrades mind their step. Not realizing this was the first of 2 clues that something was amiss.

The following day I broke camp early to help supplement our rations with fresh food. During my outing I noticed there serious lack of large game. A fact that seemed quite surprising to me with the amount of lush green foliage around and was the 2nd clue that was not right here. Upon returning to camp I mentioned this to Khaine as I attempted teach him how to dress and prepare the game. A task that a falchion is NOT the correct tool for.

It was not long after that riders were seen on the ridge eventually riding into our camp. They brought warning of Goblins in the area moving towards Kingdom encampments as if they knew they would be there. As we discuss the course of action Khaine’s sharp eyes caught movement in the brush. The time for talk had passed, and now the first fight for our lives had begun.



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