Kingdom of Isles

Brother Palomar's Journal (Entry 5)

Mother s cave

I must take a moment even now in this sinkhole of evil to write what I have witnessed.

We have descended below Camp Sovereign, entering the covered pit within the former Red Fang cannibal village, only to find an ancient temple constructed by some primordial snake-like humanoid race. Throughout the temple, images depict scenes of sacrifice, blood, and slavery. But one image in particular bodes ill for the world now – that of a detailed ritual at an array of stone megaliths that when completed raises the dead and controls the weather. Celia has preceded us here and apparently already performed this ritual, though for what malign purpose I know not.

I have recorded the details of the ritual here and attempted to duplicate the image with my own hand in the hopes that in so doing aid any effort to prevent or undo whatever threat there is.

I must confess that the frustration I had felt at being waylaid from my quest against The Unknown One has abated somewhat with the discovery that I once more find myself set against some great evil – a purpose which fires my passions and to which I now feel solely called. Praise the Host.



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