Kingdom of Isles

Brother Palomar's Journal (Entry 4)

Camp sovereign

It has been a week since we were shipwrecked and over the course of our travels south, we were beset by a creature that seems to stalk us at night and the Red Fang cannibals. We faced these threats and others the island had to offer and continued on.

Reaching the southern shore we found that the lighthouse still stood… though now the cornerstone of the cannibal tribe’s village. In our greatest battle yet, we faced the wrath of the frenzied primitives who thirsted for our blood and hungered for our flesh as they came pouring out from various huts and even the lighthouse itself. But to no avail. The Sovereign Host is on our side and our gods are greater than their corrupt god of decay.

As the chosen vessel of divine will, I have been ordained to deliver mercy to the faithful and judgment upon the wicked – even as great Adamaro with one hand forged Creation and with the other smote the entities of The Void. The cannibals’ presence is a blight upon the face of this island and I desire to purge it completely of their evil.

Following the victory was a time of celebration and blessing. The lighthouse, though in need of repair, is mostly intact and what remains of the permanent structures of the village will make a more secure camp (which I posit we call Camp Sovereign) from which to establish our safety, survival, and rescue – as well as serve as a permanent site from which to explore the island further.



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