Kingdom of Isles

Brother Palomar's Journal (Entry 3)

Tropical island

We have been waylaid.

Shipwrecked upon the accursed island known as Sailor’s Hook with a number of fellow castaways, we have been completely cut off from any ability to answer the rising threats that face the Kingdom of Isles we discovered while in Rann’s Grotto. Faith in the Sovereign Host be my guide that a greater purpose may come about from this ordeal.

I remain focused on our survival and escape from the Hook, determined to make our way to an abandoned lighthouse known to be on the southwestern shore with the hope of restoring its use. Strangely, most in the group are not similarly purposed but see these circumstances as an opportunity for adventure. I must find patience and compassion when dealing with those who do not share my convictions even while remaining faithful to my charge.

I have been called by the gods to deny myself an ordinary life in order to embody their teachings and serve the highest ideals. Their way is not my way and I must continue to serve regardless of the circumstances. I have had significant opportunities: to show leadership and protection in guiding and inspiring our group; to provide healing and comfort in treating Ness Ramora’s alcoholism, Din’dae and Magus Enoreth’s illnesses, and the group’s injuries; to battle the forces of evil through faith and combat in smiting the evil depravity of the Molgus-worshiping Red Fang cannibals on the island. Praise the Sovereign Host.



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