Kingdom of Isles

Brother Palomar's Journal (Entry 2)


I Palomar, servant of the Sovereign Host, while within Rann’s Grotto, give testimony (308.9 AM):

On 300.1.1 Adamaro the Name-Giver did manifest within his temple at Kingshome and give pronouncement to all in attendance and his presence did transmute the Great Altar. Upon the Protector of All’s departure the altar shattered into thousands of pieces, both great and small, and it came to pass some time later that I took possession of one of these pieces – now called “godstone.”

When I touched the “godstone” there was a sound like thunder that deafened me (though I did not hear it) and a light that blinded me (though it illuminated my soul) and I was caught up to the heavens (whether in body or in spirit I do not know). There I stood awestruck in the Forge of Creation, in the presence of great celestial beings beyond my comprehension, in the presence of the Sovereign Host.

But beyond the Host, beyond the heavens, there was something else… an utter darkness of evil, a gaping void of annihilation, a malignant sentience of depredation. And it was coming closer.

Then a voice the sound of a thousand voices spoke to me, causing me to tremble but filling my soul like pure spring water:

Will you stand beside us Palomar… will you stand with us against that?

I had been weighed in the balance and found worthy. The Sovereign Host did entreat me to not only dedicate myself to the battle against evil but to willingly deny myself an ordinary life in order to embody their exalted teachings and serve the highest ideals, thus becoming a vessel of their will. Receiving my sacred oaths, the Host blessed me with the divine power to search men’s souls, smite the wicked, heal the innocent, and stand as a beacon of hope to the faithful.



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