Kingdom of Isles

Brother Palomar's Journal (Entry 1)

Magus Enoreth (a human conjurer) and myself, acquaintances since before I was ordained, allied with two boisterous warriors we met in a tavern called The AdeptDin’dae (an elven stalker) and Khaine (a human blademaster) – in response to the Kingdom of Isles’ proclamation of war games. Traveling to a region on the mainland near Rann’s Grotto, the four of us (along with a small contingent of Kingdom troops and other adventurers) found some nearby ruins and set about fulfilling our mission: creating a rest area for the treatment of casualties. During this work I was able to minister to my companions – particularly a young woman named Evana whose confidence in her calling had begun to waver.

Despite the simulated nature of the military exercises, the following morning brought to us a number of people suffering from real ailments. I ruled out foodborne illness (contrary to their suspicions) due to their presenting symptoms but despite my training and extensive examinations I hadn’t noticed what later turned out to be poison needle marks.

It was later that day, after Din’dae had returned with fresh game and we were preparing for dinner, that horse riders from the Order of Shards appeared with warnings that goblins were on the march. But their warning was too late and our camp was attacked by the vile humanoids at sunset. The battle was fierce, but thank the Sovereign Host, we were victorious and suffered only minor injuries which I soon tended.



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