Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 4 - A Lighthouse to Remember

Image   din dae with chainmail

It has taken many miserable days and nights, and no small dose of fighting and bloodshed… but we have finally made it to the Lighthouse. A structure once infested with the evil flesh eating savages, has now been cleared by strength of arms, arcane might and divine blessings.

Hmm… in retrospect the odds were surely stacked against us. Attacking the Red Fang Cannibals in their stronghold and us outnumbered nearly three to one. But I for one was through with running… through with being prey. As I looked at the others I could tell they were too.

We worked well together and won the day, and quickly set to searching and securing the camp. The sadism of these vile creatures becoming increasingly evident as we move building to building and room to room. But it appears that even among savages, politics and power plays can seek to sap ones… vitality.

These cursory mechanization aside, a discovery was made that risked raising my ire once more. Celia was here. Not as a captive, but by all accounts an honored or respected guest. Reasons why are starting to became all too clear now that we have descended into the tunnels below the lighthouse. A place we will discover what Celia is after, and gain a hint at WHAT she may actually be…



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